Automotive APPLICATIONS Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)
Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

High Speed RTM has emerged from the need to produce high quality structural parts in less than 5 minutes. OptiMold provides the means to achieve this target easier and safer...

In High Speed RTM, serial production is performed at constant mid-to-high temperature so the use of real-time cure monitoring helps to increase the curing temperature as high as possible in order to:

achieve secure and high quality filling,

demould as soon as the required degree-of-cure/Tg is achieved,

monitor production for quality control purposes,

adjust cure cycle because of batch-to-batch variations or other process fluctuations

Optimold for cure monitoring can be combined with Optiflow for monitoring when resin arrives at specific locations into the cavity or at the outlet gates so automatic control actions can be executed accordingly. All these data can be recorded and a detailed track of the manufacturing quality and performance is available to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, Optimold can contribute also to the online check of mixing ratio deviations or to avoid purging the mixed resin in the feeding line at each injection.

Our systems do not require any special treatment, release agent or cleaning besides the normal maintenance of the tools. To minimise the burden at the production floor wireless communication can be used.

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