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Durable cure and flow Sensors

Durable sensors are metal sensors that can be used numerous times so they are better suited for mass production or for laboratory equipment.

In-mould durable sensor (with OPTIMOLD/OPTIFLOW)

The in-mould sensor is suitable for the real-time monitoring of resin arrival and cure of the resin in the mould cavity or die. The sensor has a completely flat and rigid surface and has a built-in temperature sensor (Pt100) and can be flash-mounted using various clamping devices. The durable sensor requires no special maintenance besides the mould treatment (cleaning, release agent) and can last for a large number of mouldings.

In its standard configuration the in-mould durable sensor can withstand injection pressures of up to 100 bars and temperature of up to 210oC.

In-line flow durable sensor (with OPTIFLOW)

The in-line resin arrival sensor is suitable to monitor the resin arrival in the feeding or evacuation lines. The sensor is suitable for high temperature ovens and autoclaves as well as high-temp RTM for process automation. Based on these measurements the operator or the process control system can be sure that the resin has arrived at the location of the sensor and can proceed to the next e.g. stop the injection or close valves.

This sensor is a prerequisite for all high-temp resin infusion process development and production inside ovens and autoclaves. It can provide reliable feedback when resin arrives at its location and can be easily cleaned at the end of the cycle for reuse.

Pot sensor (with OPTIMOLD)

In order to ensure the good condition of monocomponent resins before use our unique permanent pot sensor can be placed in resin injection pots to continuously monitor the temperature and the resin’s resistance. From these two magnitudes which are provided by OPTIMOLD, the resin age can be calculated and actions, if necessary, can be taken.

Prepreg sensor (with OPTIMOLD)

The Prepreg sensor can be used to calculate the age of a prepreg.