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  • Flowires and Optiflow used to calculate permeability at realistic geometry RTM tool
  • Leading Research Centres across Europe purchase Synthesites monitoring solutions
  • Synthesites to present and exhibit in Windblade Manufacture Conference in Germany

    9-11 December 2019 at Dusseldorf
  • Synthesites' profile at CFMS website

    Intelligent Injection system for RTM Aerospace applications
  • New Linkedin article about Wind Blade production
  • Synthesites to present latest results in the cure monitoring of Fibre/Metal Laminates

    a work done in collaboration with DLR/Stade.
  • news image
    New technical article

    Composites Solutions 2018/1
  • New technical article published in the SAMPE Journal shows the benefits of cure monitoring

    in wind blades manufacturing
  • Presentation at Carbon Composites Event

    Dr Nikos Pantelelis to present recent advances in intelligent process monitoring for RTM
  • Synthesites to present recent work for windblades in relevant international conference

    Synthesites in collaboration with Carbon Rotec presents recent work in cure monitoring