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  • JEC World '18

    Meet us at JEC World '18
  • Recotrans project website up and running
  • Presentation at Carbon Composites Event

    Dr Nikos Pantelelis to present recent advances in intelligent process monitoring for RTM
  • Synthesites UK to exhibit at the forthcoming SAMPE UK Conference
  • Three new cure and resin arrival sensors were recently launched

    The range of sensors is extended to cover the needs of composites manufacturing
  • Demonstrating the intelligent composites manufacturing for aero, auto and marine structures

    Synthesites completes successfully the ECOMISE project
  • news image
    Synthesites Flowire sensors and Optiflow help scientists to study the effect of mould curvature on permeability

    Flowire sensors help to measure permeability in curved moulds
  • Synthesites SNC to participate at Experience Composites 2016 in Augsburg, Germany
  • Flowires and Optiflow used to calculate permeability at realistic geometry RTM tool
  • Real-time permeability calculation based on Synthesites sensors and RTM-worx simulations

    Successful demonstration at the final Ecomise workshop held at Airborne, NL.